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Compelling interviews

Been listening avidly for about 6 months -great range of guests and I really like the balanced pragmatic approach of the host

Essential Listening

One of my favourite podcasts in the energy and environment space. As an energy professional, passionately committed to the fight against climate change, I’ve yet to hear an episode that hasn’t been fascinating and insightful. Biggest problem is that I struggle to listen to it in the background whilst doing anything else!


Really interesting conversation about climate and energy.

Delightfully interesting and entertaining

Michael is a fantastic host with a very interesting and diverse background. He has relatively frequent releases at the moment where he (virtually) sits down with equally (or more) interesting people than himself and delves into a variety of topics around renewable energy and sustainability.

Great clean energy podcast

A must listen for anyone interested in the sector or even interested in the world around them

Light relief on v.important climate issues

Entertaining and amusing but informative and important discussions re the climate issues we’re faced with now and in the future if changes aren’t made.

My favourite podcast

For obvious reasons :-)

Rich with ideas.

If you have an interest in climate change, new energy, mobility and sustainable development this is highly recommended. I have learnt a huge amount listening in to Michael and his guests. Very knowledgeable types with a wealth of insight.


Entertaining and insightful—the best podcast I've listened to on climate change and the future of energy.