Episode 15 / Auke Hoekstra

The Debunker-in-Chief

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About our Guest /

If you have ever followed a Twitter discussion about IEA’s renewable energy forecasts, the lifetime CO2 emissions of EVs versus ICE cars, or about the electrification of trucks, you will find it leads to Auke Hoekstra.

Auke is a researcher at the Eindhoven University of Technology where he works on the SparkCity model, dealing with the adoption of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and the effects the switch to EVs is going to have on the grid.


He is the project director behind NEON “a multidisciplinary research program addressing three interrelated societal challenges: climate action, renewable energy, and smart & sustainable transport.”

Auke is also the founder of consultancy Zenmo Simulations, which creates “realistic and visually attractive agent-based models to predict and explore the transition to zero-emission energy and mobility”.

Auke holds a degree in Public Administration from the University of Twente. He lives in a self-designed energy positive house in the country and is a huge fan of sci-fi novels.


Premieres / October 28, 2020 



Guest Links / 

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