Episode 11 / Jon Dee

From Celebrity to Action

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About our Guest /

Jon Dee’s website describes him as a “social entrepreneur, broadcaster and philanthropist”. If you download his bio, you’ll find it’s a 35MB power-point presentation.

Jon has founded four major charities: Rock Aid Armenia (1988), Planet Ark (1992), DoSomething (2008), and One Tree Per Child (2015).

Between 2015 and 2018 he hosted 115 episodes of Smart Money on Sky News Australia, showcasing stories of businesses using sustainability, efficiency and innovation to improve their bottom line. Since 2017, Jon has been appearing weekly on ABC Radio Australia highlighting good news about the environment and sustainability on his Good News with Jon Dee segment.

Jon is the Australian coordinator for RE100, which has spurred over 250 major corporations worldwide to commit to 100% renewable energy. He is currently launching Smarter Futures, a website and series of interviews focusing on business sustainability solutions.

Jon has written two books: “Sustainable Growth” (2010), and “Energy Cuts: The 20-Step Guide to Cutting Energy Bills in Your Business” (2015) selling over 140,000 copies in Australia.

In 2010, Jon was named Australian of the Year in New South Wales.


Premiered / September 30, 2020   


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